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“The museum, memorial, and fox-hole hopper”

Program length in days depends on your personal selection of museums and other sites.

This addresses primarily military history buffs, re-enactors eager to visit original sites, collectors or general WWII-interested.

Depending on your time availability, we can put together a special tailored tour for intensive WWII- and “Bulge” museum visits in the greater region – all guided by ourselves and local historians. This tour will also include many US WWII memorials, military cemeteries, monuments and battlefield leftovers (trenches, foxholes, bunkers…) in Luxembourg, Belgium and German border areas (“Westwall dragon’s teeth&pillboxes").

The duration of this tour depends on your choice of places/places/museums to visit.

10 Rue Walebroch
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
Phone-Number: +352 621 562 668
E-Mail: office (at) gauls-legacy-tours.lu
Autorisation-No. : 10062577
VAT-No.: LU28609852


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