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"Relive and walk YOUR VETERAN'S trail"

This is perhaps what you have been looking for a long time!

You were always eager to know in greater detail the personal WWII experience of your family member of the “Greatest Generation” who served in WWII and contributed to the liberation of Europe.

Most likely he came thru Luxembourg, fought during the “Bulge” in the Ardennes and participated in the breaching of the “Westwall and Siegfried line” and the invasion of Nazi-Germany. You are rightly proud of him – perhaps he is no longer with us – he never really opened up – but you ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW, as this is precious family heritage that should be told over and over again to your children and grand-children.

Based on the available information on “your veteran” to be provided by you, we can help you researching his route and the history and accomplishments of his unit in 1944/45. We then can design of propose a tour in the Ardennes that would most closely follow his former footsteps to visit areas and villages he once helped liberate, perhaps meet local families that he met, familiarize you with the daily GI Life’s equipment, accoutrements, weaponry, vehicles and gear he used and tie in with a range of WWII-related places of interest in Luxembourg. The more information you can produce, the better our research and the quality of our designed tour will be.

As a general introduction – we suggest the first day of this extendable tour be dedicated to a global orientation of Luxembourg as a country, it’s people, it’s customs with special focus on Luxembourg’s history during WWII. The two remaining days be used for YOUR PERSONAL tour. Again, this tour is very flexible and can be extended and combined with tour 1 or tour 2 options or any other out-of-schedule wish!

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Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
Phone-Number: +352 621 562 668
E-Mail: office (at) gauls-legacy-tours.lu
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