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75th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge

The 75th anniversary of the „two Liberations of Luxembourg”, of the “Battle of the Bulge" and the beginning of the Rhineland campaign 1944/1945.

Multiples of 25-year periods are commonly observed, when it comes to anniversary dates of key events.  This year 2019 and next year 2020 mark the 75th anniversary of the “Battle of the Bulge” (Winter 1944/45), as well as the “Rhineland campaign”, VE-Day and the end of World War II.

75 years are - compared to a human life - a very long period; the scars of World War II have healed, but remembrance and recollection are stronger than ever.  We still have a number of living witnesses of one of the most tragic periods of contemporary history, World War II to be part of the international commemorative community.  Their story must be told over and over again; their legacy must be nurtured and passed to the younger generations to learn from the lessons of the past.

75 years ago millions of young soldiers of opposing sides fought a terrible war on many battlefields around the globe.  Those who survived became ambassadors of peace and have reconciliated.  Those who did not survive rest – sometimes in foreign lands – and remind all of us “Never again”.

One of those terrible battles fought in difficult terrain in sub-zero environment, was the “Battle of the Ardennes” or “Battle of the Bulge” in the Belgian-and Luxembourg Ardennes´ forests and the German “Eifel” borderlands. The Ardennes are a special area of remembrance, of bygone human suffering, valor and sacrifice.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the “Bulge”, numerous descendants of veterans, next-of-kin’s and friends and relatives of members of “the greatest generation” from the U.S. and former allied countries, but also from past opponent nations are visiting the “Ardennes” to pause, reflect and pay tribute to fallen heroes.  On many occasions they are still accompanied by living witnesses, all in their 90s to jointly retrace the footsteps of those dark and cold December 1944-February 1945 days of tragedy.

The Ardennes and the German “Eifel” are full of memorials, museums, monuments, military cemeteries, historical trails and “silent witnesses” (tanks and artillery pieces) to visit.  Numerous key towns are hosting special commemorative events towards the end of this year and beginning of 2020.

The following are just two events of record within the 75th anniversary commemorations in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, we are directly connected with as a co-organizer, detailed information will follow:

November 23, 2019 - "Thanksgiving Day" in the tourist center Robbesscheier, Munshausen

December 15, 2019 - "Keystone in the way" - commemoration day in the north of Luxembourg

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