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  • Frequently asked
  • 1. Location: Where to find us (GLT)?

    We are located in DIEKIRCH, some 43 KMs north of Luxembourg-City (capital of the Grand.-Duchy of Luxembourg)

  • 2. About us: How long have we been around?

    GLT is (still) a young enterprise, founded in 2016 by Silvia Gaul with key focus on individual- and legacy tourism.

  • 3. What makes us different from other tour operators?

    GLT is a travel/incoming agency and is authorized (not like other „just” tour guides) as such to offer services such as hotel reservations, all-inclusive packages, etc.  This also implicates that GLT is bound to charge the legal VAT for all services offered.

  • Requests and bookings
  • 1. I would like to book a tour, how do I contact GLT?

    Please send us a mail wish your wishes and related information at: office@gauls-legacy-tours.lu; we customarily respond within 24 hours. Should you receive no response of confirmation fort he receipt of your mail, it is possible that your server rejects our answer. 

    Thank You for your understanding to take your call always directly, as it is possible that we are on a tour or in a meeting.

  • 2. Can I also have an offer on the phone?

    Thank You for your understanding that we only issue offerings in writing (by mail) to avoid misunderstandings.

  • 3. What days do you do tours?

    We do tours all year round, as long as we are not “booked” yet or taken by another commitment.

    Please take a look at our availability agenda, which is kept up to date regularly.  Should your preferred/planned date appear as “available”, please contact us by mail at: office@gauls-legacy-tours.lu.

  • 4. Do you offer standard tours for me to participate?

    Please kindly note that we are specialized in individual, tailored tours and that the tours advertised by us are MODEL TOURS that can be adjusted to meet your individual, personal wishes.

    Currently, we do not offer thematic tours on set and regular dates.

  • 5. What services does GLT offer?

    GLT takes care of designing and organizing your personal tour, as well as the guiding.

    On request, we take care of your tour-related hotel bookings, transfers from and to several airports/train stations, transportation during the tour, lunch and dinner options, logistics management, etc.

    Excepted are all required flight/train reservations or special arrangements before you get to the agreed-upon meeting destination.

  • 6. Do tours begin at a certain meeting point?

    Independently from our address all our tours begin/end at a previously-agreed upon meeting point.

  • 7. What transportation assets are available?

    As long as you don’t have a private vehicle or rental car in which your guide can accompany you, GLT offers the following transportation options for transfers to several airports/or Luxembourg-City train station, as well as for the duration of the tour:


    --> 1-2 persons: transfers are made by our own vehicle (Jeep Renegade) with separate driver against charge of covered mileage (in Kilometers)


    In case of luggage transportation, we have to take into consideration that there is limited storage capacity. The baggage compartment has the following dimensions in centimeters (l/w/h: 95 x 70 x 75 cm) (see picture example).


    --> In case of 3 persons or less with more bulky luggage, GLT rents a van with driver at extra charge.


    Jeep Renegade:


    suitcase size: +- 78 x 51 x 30 cm


  • 8. ? I have luggage – what can I carry along?

    It must be noted that in case of tours using our own vehicle (Jeep Renegade) and necessity to carry along luggage that there is only limited luggage storage capacity.

    The baggage compartment has the following dimensions in centimeters (l/w/h: 95 x 70 x 75 cm) (see picture example).

    In case of larger baggage we have to rent a vehicle with driver at extra charge.


    Jeep Renegade:


    suitcase size: +- 78 x 51 x 30 cm


10 Rue Walebroch
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
Phone-Number: +352 621 562 668
E-Mail: office (at) gauls-legacy-tours.lu
Autorisation-No. : 10062577
VAT-No.: LU28609852


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